We are here to offer advice, support, and speech and language therapy services that are tailored to your needs 
Our Services


We offer speech and language therapy for the full range of speech, language and communication needs. We work with a range of difficulties including Down syndrome, ASD, speech sound difficulties, language delay and disorder, social communication difficulties and stammering. 


A number of the children we work with also see other professionals including NHS speech and language therapists. We endevour to work together with other colleagues, working to ensure the best provision for those children we see.


We recognise that sometimes parents may just value some advice in relation to their child's communication. If you are concerned about your child's communication skills, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We have also been involved in setting up and delivering services to settings including primary schools and charities. If you are interested in developing a speech and language therapy service for your setting please get in touch.



When we first start working with a child or young person it is important that we assess their speech, language and communication skills to determine if there are any areas of need and to make recommendations as to what to do next. 


We always send out an initial questionnaire for families to complete which gives us detailed information about specific concerns and helps us to plan our initial assessments. Depending on what is right for each individual child we may do the assessment at home or school. The assesment might consist of formal testing or by using play and informal games to measure where a child's strengths and needs are. 


Following the assessment we will discuss the outcomes with family and school and make recommendations for further provision. This may include therapy or a programme of ideas and strategites that can be incorporated into home and school.




If we recommend therapy we will discuss the best options for your child. We provide both individual therapy and group therapy. We will set a number of targets at the beginning of each period of therapy, which we will share with parents and schools, and will review at the end of a given period of time. This enables us to measure the progress that is being made and helps plan the next stage of any intervention.


Working Together


We believe that it is important to support the integration of strategies and ideas into all areas of child's life to help to develop their communications skills. We work with parents and schools, providing specific advice and also modelling ideas if needed. We also communicate regularly with those working with your child, providing information about what we may be working on, discussing areas of concern and ways to support, and also how to modify an environment to support your child's ongoing communication development .




We are able to provide training to both school staff and other professionals. This may be about speech, language communication skills in general, or may be more specific to relate to a particular setting or child's needs.


Please contact us for further information about your training needs.




Jo provides clinical supervision for other speech and language therapists, supporting their continued professional development through regular 1:1 support.