Speech Therapy Surrey and Sussex

Speech and Language Therapy Services for young people in the South East of England.

Providing Advice, Support, Specialism.


SaltPost is an independent speech and language therapy service working primarily in Surrey and Sussex with children and young people.


Children need speech and language therapy for a number of reasons and it is our aim to deliver positive results by tailoring what we do to the individual needs of the children and families we work with.


Communication is integral to many areas of our lives and so it is important to us that, where possible, we work with everyone committed to a child including schools, nurseries, other professionals, and of course parents. We offer to support families and schools in integrating strategies and approaches into the child's everyday life.


Our Speech and Language Therapists work with the full range of speech, language and communication needs in a range of settings including family homes, schools, nurseries and charities. We offer advice and support, assessments, therapy and home and school programmes. We also run training sessions for teachers and other professionals.


We have been involved in developing specific services for a number of settings including charities and primary schools. 



We provide specialist services, supporting individuals, groups, and local authorities:


  • Advice and support

  • Assessments

  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Strategies and prgramme ideas

  • Training

  • Supervision

  • And other services See more >>

Who do we support?

Our expertise focuses on children and young people, with difficulties such as:


  • Language delay

  • Language disorder

  • Speech sound difficulties

  • Social communication difficulties

  • Vocabulary difficulties

  • ASD

  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties

  • Dysfluency/stuttering

  • Down syndrome

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • And more... See more >>

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“Dear Jo. Thank you for all your speech and language therapy sessions this year - always fun and so many lovely moments to treasure.” - KATRINA




“It was a very beneficial meetingwe had with Katie and we are very happy with Katies report and her way forward in teaching Harry” - Jane


“Jo -You will never know how much you have helped Billy. I can't thank you enough” - LU




“Katie is doing a great job and Sam is making steady but measured progress. His face also lights up on the day he has his session which makes a huge difference.”